Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I was misquoted in an article in which I was interviewed and the misquoted portion of the the article is the part that they chose as a spot quote. I know the world has bigger fish to fry, but this is my fish. so finally there's some news about Aaron Philby.

In the article, what I said was "...Caricatures aren't about drawing mean spirited or ugly pictures of people, but it's more like ‘how can I do a drawing of you that’s definitely you and nobody else without using your most unusual elements as my very basis?’ What can a caricature artist aspire to if not giving everybody a different drawing at the very least?..."
But what the article said was:

I highlighted the vital problem:

an edit that changes "Maybe I have to draw you ugly to make sure I'm drawing you" into "a caricature is where you try to figure out how not to draw somebody ugly."

Here's a link to the article which is otherwise fine. Thanks to my friend, Wil, who hooked it up. I know it was your editors who buggered the pull quote so no hard feelings.

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