Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coming to America soon

but only for three months though. Visa hasn't come though just yet, but it's comin along. Comin right along. Here's a drawing that looks nice but I do feel like I've drawn it before, maybe several times.She was a Chinese girl and I was the first non Chinese person she'd ever talked to in her whole life. that's pretty neat. Sometimes I do get customers who wait for me for the mere fact that I'm a foreigner, and handsome to boot. So I got to spend a lot of time on this and she was pretty cool.Red and greed. I like red and green. I think no colors compliment better which is why Christmas went and snatched um and then it got commercial and took red and green down with it, but I'm taking it back. Blue and orange is pretty good to, come to think of it. Purple and yellow...not a chance. What is it about purple and yellow that's so boring and wierd at the same time.

Wonderful man. I don't like this caricature that much though. But a little bit. I like the body kind of. He is from Malasia. And then I told him me and my wife might be visiting Indonesia and he said where and I told him the city and he told me he spends most of his time in that city and it's not even--I didn't say Bali. But we will be going to Bali too. If we go. My friend from Facebook Yantoe Huhu lives in Indonesia. There's lots of artists there and they seem like they're a real good bunch but everyone in Indonsia is too poor to come to ISCA I think.

 We will come to America at the beginning of November, spend a little time in California, mostly San Diego and then go to the convention in Reno Nevada. And after that we will go to Ohio. Maybe we'll get a cheap car. I think we should get a cheap car if we can..but then there's insurance and what to do with the car when we go back to Korea...but I bet it would be more of a convenience than an inconvenience.

 This one got a real good laugh.

 The beloved Kuni and Chihiro. Japanese artists. I'm still--I still haven't got their faces quite to my satisfaction. I gotta bring Chihiro's eyes down and apart more for one. This reads like her eyes are close together and they definitely aren't.

 This is the talented and cheerful Kiko Yamada. She's from California and she's working with us now in Seoul. Three cheers for Kiko.

 One of those perfect caricature couples. but you know what--I think perfect caricature couples don't give the best reactions. Isn't that the truth? They're cool though, and they make for good drawings -- good ish drawings.

 I started ovre a couple like three times because his face was so cool, but after it all I like how she came out best. I liked what I had going for her but it was a liiiiiiiiittle bit risky and if i can take the guy far enough there won't be an issue but they laughed at it. They liked it.

 reject. and the really enraging part is that at the very beginning I told her to get off her phone and she said okay but then she was on her phone the whole time. incidentally this was one of those drawings where I draw the girlfriend as the guy who just likes to watch just watches and any there's no way to not respond to that, his presence, buy either going softer than i would or going harder. its the ol looming guy watching the artist draw his girlfriend, maybe funny, but then these are caricatures and if this was actually that for them wouldn't they be acting completely diffrent going into it than they're acting right now? Returning to the story I drew the girl from what i could see when she was glancing up from her phone in order to ponder whatever she was reading. you know how sometimes you gotta turn away from something your reading for a brief moment to look off at nothing specific so as to process it. so she's reading about 10 things about gimchi that will change the way you look at the the foreigner who's drawing you right now. talk to your boyfriend. look up. give the man something to work with. after i fininshed the drawing they got a frame and then they did a reject, and I suggested that when my coworker draw her she not focus on her phone so much. but I'm not as great as these kinds of interactions or the language of Hangul as I'd like to be so it may have come out really fast and not that good, and then I left for a little bit and walked around. the couple, while i was gone said something amidts the rest of their conversation like "did he go off and cry," which I didn't. I more wanting to make a dramatic exit, but it would have been more dramatic if I would have stayed and recited Hamlet. The kicker with this reject for me is this. This is the punch line that you've been waiting for. They told the artist to tell me when I returned that it wasn't that the drawing wasn't good. it was just that it wasn't their style. How do you like that? So, their style. Their personal preference when it comes to approaches to live caricature in which the artist speculates what their face looks like from an aerial view of their head. If they have such specific taste even within such a obscure artform as live caricature, how can they be so careless as to take up the time of the first artist they happen upon, while being unwilling to pay him if he isn't privy to their painfully specific fetish? HUH? HOW?! That's what I wnana know.

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