Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Homely looking customer

 Yung Eun

My friend and arch enemy, Jiwon

  If you, as an experienced caricature artist, had to make some deduction about any unusual circumstances surrounding this drawing, what would they be?

The answer is that the two children are drawn from a photo.

What about this drawing? Any hypothesises?

What about this drawing?

This was actually a dog, and from a photo

from photo

from photo

Little girls from real life. Mom seemed to leave in a subtle huff that seemed to subtly say 'you made it look like them but did you have to make it look like that?' If I'm not mistaken. I think I felt her vibe.

This girl works at the candy stand near our caricature stand. Kind of from photo kind of from life.

My friend, Jinah, working up in the booth. He doesn't actually smoke in the booth.

The always lovely, Minjong

 Reject. And this was a pretty good one. 

This is the rejection taking place. I'll say one thing about rejects before I let you go. Here in Korea the standard of beauty is completely different from the standard of beauty in America, but you know that, but with caricatures, when someone says draw me beautiful .... ok forget that. I don't know where I was going with that. When me and Saemee got married they did her makeup so that she didn't even look like her self. They made her look like an old white girl. Is it really so inconceivable that...ok. I apologize. I have no complete thoughts. Everyone have a good day. Get some fresh air. try not to be on your phones all the time. Share a tender touch and a kind word.

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