Saturday, January 18, 2014


I liked my last week's idea. This week I have no ideas. Have a look at my wife's chin, though.

What did I tell you about Korean women's chins. Man, guys, I really got nothin. You wanna see some caricatures? Ah. Not yet. I'll touch on two things. First, I found a great caricature blog with a writer far better than I. I didn't know there were live caricature artists who write so well and so much. Go to here. Celestia Ward! You know Celestia Ward. Who am I talking to? I feel like I'm Earnest talking to Vern or something like that. You and me, blogreader! We're pals. Actually my dream is to be the Mister Rogers of caricature. Come on over here, friends. Let's have a look at some caricatures. 

   I kind of like this one, and in the photo you can see a little bit of what I was going for, but the girl on the left, you have to imagine her with her mouth closed. This is how I ungly up a couple of prettys. Oh your not impressed? Fair enough. Maybe you're into the silly stuff.

This kid on the right was so funny. Most little Korean children usually react to the intensity of me starring at them by crying, but this little guy, he just stared back at me and nervously moved his toungue from side to side. By the time the crying kicked in I was already done with him and starting on his brother. 

Here's Paul, but you probably saw this already. 

 I made him fat by accident, but it kind of wasn't by accident too. Maybe that's what they call distortion. 

This is a new guy working for us. His name is Sang Een. He's fun and cool and he looks very sinister like one of the devil's demons. This is just my first shot at him.

But you want silly. I keep forgetting. Well, nothing's sillier than the institution of... caricatures! So lovely.

  All this pressure to get married these days. It's enough to make a girl change into a..

Wedding dress!
 I'm rushing right now. I want to get all this up before midnight. and my computer is dragging like a.. heavy bag.

How bout a little of this,
some hands maybe

a dab of that,

  A splash of something you may have seen already on Facebook, and we'll call it a post. Name's Aaron Philby.

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