Monday, September 5, 2011


So many turtles. Where to begin? How bout a flying turtle?

The face has been omitted to protect my fragile ego. I was happy with the turtle though. I usually begin a turtle with a lot of action in mind and sometimes it comes out looking like some action and sometimes it doesn't. I like the action on this one and I like the big shoes.

Here's a turtle singing happy birthday in a breezy field, making some wind of his own.

This is a happy, retardle looking turtle.

My second rainy day turtle, I'm happy with the catharsis. The catharsis came out good. At first I was unsure about the catharsis. So, I kept coloring it in, and now it's good. The catharsis is good.

Child riding a curmudgiony turtle on a bland day, carrying a comb, wearing socks, and quite possibly, shoes.

Happy picture!!

Splashy turtle

I was trying to make the turtle look like her boyfriend, but it ended up looking like Nate.

Intense, Japanese style turtles! And there's a UFO in there too!

Lovely rollerskating turtle on rainbow. Even the photo came out all fuzzy and gentle.

This was actually a near-reject. I saw them discussing it far off, and they seemed to be thinking about rejecting it, but I bet the turtle saved this one. Look at him. He's a little super hero, he is.

I didn't get a fantastic reaction from this one, but on the bright side, we put the first turtle on the moon. Or did we?

And another flying turtle to bring it all full circle. I hope you enjoyed my turtles today.


James said...

"I LIKE TURTLES" Well, someone had to say it. Well, and awesome work as always, Aaron.

James said...

"I LIKE TURTLES". Well, someone had to say it. Furthermore, brilliant work as always, Aaron.

justfrancesca said...

I am rather fond of your turtles:)