Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jolly Good Times With Friends and With Drawing

Ahee!! Ahee runs pretty much everywhere she goes.

Nate, Oakes, Andy. In San Diego with whales and girls and babies and sharks and confetti.

Singleton is in San Diego now too. My bad. This one has Singleton in it. What's up, Singleton! Singleton's cool. look at his cool sunglasses. First, I had drawn Nate and Oakes and then, when I was on Singleton, I was drawing his eyes, and then I messed up a little and it kept getting worse and worse, and then I was like, I bet I can save this with some sunglasses, and I think it really worked out. He's definitely a sunglasses kind of guy.

And Zitman. What about Zitman? Zitman's cool too. Why don't I draw him? This is me and him and Oakes and there's Chris Chua as the sun!

Jiyoung. She has very blue pants.

Ming Jong. Something about her arms is really cool.

Cheeay. Flappin her wings and flyin through the clouds.

JungEun. With hearts and thumbs-up and all that stuff.


Mr. Urzua said...

Love em...we wish we can work with yah again.. the demo pile has never been the same.

Aaron said...

I'm sure will work together again some day. ps, they don't even have a demo pile out here.

Mr. Urzua said...

i hope so.

man thats to bad.

hey i really like the skinny girl under us at the top...i like her lightly drawn eyebrows the the gentle asian brows

Aaron said...

asians do have gentle eyebrows. this is true.

jf said...

You're out on the edge. Good stuff. I live in terror that some day you may do my caricature. (Yes, that was a compliment, too. No matter how hideous you make me look, I believe you will be telling the truth!)