Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caricature of Eric Goodwin Among other things

One photo I got from my Findlay Library gig which went by pretty alright, I have to say.

I was really happy of this one I did of my dad. He's holding a squirrel because he and I found a baby squirrel that we took care of for a while. I thought it was weird and funny when he picked up this baby squirrel because I remember hearing a lot while growing up that it is a bad idea to even approach a squirrel because they might have rabies, but he picked it right up and it was a very good and loving and fragile squirrel. He had lost his mother and was very weak and vulnerable there on the sidewalk. We cared for him and fed him and gave him water and then took him to my sister's house, and her husband, the next day, took the squirrel to a wildlife rehabilitation professional. All's well that ends well.


Ted Blackman said...

This drawing isnt mean spirited at all. You went easy on your dad, admit it.

Aaronphilby said...

sure. I'll admit it.