Monday, December 13, 2010

Back to La Jolla

Me and Aida haven't went out to La Jolla in a while, but we went out today. It's always fun going out and painting there, because the beauty of it always strikes me, and I want to make it translate to paper. It's that simple in my head. I get pleasure from trying to mix up the right color. Not knowing exactly what two colors will look like beside each other keeps it interesting. I did the above painting in an hour and I'm not overwhelmingly happy with it, but I like how the lighting feels like what I saw. I cut corners by not staggering the sand or establishing the texture of the sand or adjusting the awkwardness between the wave and the rocks.
This lil sketch was painted after the first one when the sun had gotten so low I could hardly see. I wanted to try and capture the darkness that had struck and I only gave myself a half hour and the sun only gave me fifteen minutes.

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