Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bit More from Valet

I love drawing. These are some sketches and half sketches and such from me drawing at my place of work which is the Hyatt in La Jolla. There's a much bigger post of these sorts of drawings way down there in blog Never-never-land, but you can just click right here if you wanna check that out.

As for this set, the very top one is Charlie who use to be the foremost valet captain then he got in some legal trouble and may or may not be authorized to drive and this shall no more be discussed in this or the following paragraphs because to do so would be unseemly, but anyways. He's not the captain anymore. Its the guy in the drawing underneath it. This was a little pre-sketch I did before I did the finished one. This idea didn't make the cut with a couple people who's opinions I solicited. He was among them and that was probably a mistake cuz every time I look at him I still see this. Well, maybe he needs an upper eyelid.

Moving right along, with the next guy I was completely happy with the sketch and then my marker bled when I was drawing his stubble and now his stubble is much more severe and much more puerto rican, and neither of these is correct. It doesn't matter, tho, because we don't have the drawings taped up under the desk anymore anyway because they have to paint the wall or something, but they haven't painted yet. Oh yeah! And all the drawings disappeared. People were taking them home, bit by bit, and they were in a stack in one of the little cubbies in the valet booth, but then one day they all disappeared into the ether. Such is life. I hope someone is enjoying them and they didn't get pitched. But I don't care all that much ether way, honestly.


Brian Oakes said...

you should write a book

Aaronphilby said...

People don't read books, I don't think. I know I would never read a book.