Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Is

This is a wonderful spot called La Jolla cove. A spectacular sunset is extra spectacular here. If you are ever visiting San Diego you must go here even if there's not a spectacular sunset taking place but especially if there is a spectacular sunset taking place. And I forgot to tell you, make sure you wear your emo pants like the two Asians here pictured at left.
This is a very talented artist by the name of Touvou. He is from San Diego and worked doing caricatures at the Zoo and SeaWorld for a while. Now he mostly focuses on Landscape but he also has some comic book stuff.
This is just some lady. Her hand didn't actually look deformed. I was just trying to capture her proportions and pose before she shifted her weight to the other leg.


justfrancesca said...

You always manage to catch every detail don't you? That's what makes ya so good!

Aaronphilby said...

thanks, francesca. We gotta do the zoo now that its nice outside again.