Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gig just outside of Valley View

  So, I did this gig just outside of the Valley View Casino up north east a ways. It was alright. Pretty slow. And I was just working off tips. I probably made like fifty bucks. I did two drawings that I was pleased with. This is one of them. The other one I didn't get a photo of. On this one I tried leaving out the ear detail on the far ear and I do believe it was a mistake. From far away it looks like someone threw an egg at his face and it stuck. Oh well. You'll have that on the big job, as they say. I got another gig coming up on Saturday, I think. They left a message on my machine, and I responded back a short while later on their machine, and when I say machine I mean voicemail. But they haven't got back to me yet, so I'm just waiting. It'll be a good gig though. This one will pay hourly and it'll be four hours so that's good. Alright, I'm done talking. 

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