Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tea N More

  This is a place I go to sometimes called Tea N More. Actually it's always called Tea N More, come to think of it. That was a little joke, but Tea N More's no joke. It's a spot where the kids come to socialize and play cards or board games.
  Tea N More has lots of fun and tasty beverages. My favorite is the milk tea -- and when I say "fun," I mean they can put boba in anything you get. This is basically jumbo size tapioca balls. Sounds weird, but it's not. It's fun, like I said already. You drink a boba drink with a big fat straw so that the boba can slide through with the greatest of ease.
  There're lots of tea shops out here in California like this. I think its a Korean thing. Oh yeah. They also have food at Tea N More. That's the "More" part. I'm not big on the food. I had it a couple times and I definitely prefer Chinese, but maybe this is better for you. I don't know.  

  This here is my good buddy, Watana. He teaches at the Art Institute and comes to Tea and More to draw too, sometimes. He's very good, and you all ought to have a look at his blog if you haven't yet. That's about all I got to say for now. Y'all have a good day, and drive safe.


KEV said...

you should make a website for them.

and a billboard.

Aaronphilby said...

Hey. You can't just use everybody and everything as subject to draw and not give back, lil knick knack.

Marlo said...


justfrancesca said...

Wattana kinda looks like a lion

Marlo said...

you like my box? huhuhuhuhuhuh

Unknown said...

hey aaron, thats a funny caricature of me. i dont recall that sketch, you must've snuck it in when i wasnt looking.