Sunday, September 21, 2008


I think there's like three ways to draw caricatures. One extreme is not allowing yourself to see any drawing done of a person and then, observing the guy or gal, draw the best caricature you can. This is the way it goes for in-park caricatures usually, just cuz these are usually complete strangers coming up to us. I'm not one of those guys who doesn't want to see the caricatures done of somebody to keep it "pure" or whatever. I don't mind seeing other drawings even really good ones, because I know that I can come up with something original and interesting in a different way and hopefully make some good discoveries.
Which is the second way. Being educated about what things have been done with a person's face and going from there. I like this way. I'm pretty sure this is how a lot of editorial illustrators work. Maybe not all of um, but certainly political cartoonists. You can't avoid seeing a caricature of George Bush no matter how shut off you may be.
The third way is kind of lame. It's how I drew this Nate, and that's copy all the decisions Joe Bluhm made and try to get a sweet likeness without actually looking at Nate. I messed up on the eyelids a little bit, but it turned out alright and was a good warm up for the day. If you wanna see other sketches of Nate I did in the past and the future, you may click
or here


Emily said...

These Aaroned Nates blow my universe apart!!!!!!!!!! Your words sink deep into my figurative soul, but I need you to teach me more. Teach me the ways of Philb. Teach me.

Teach. me.

Marlo said...

OH, That last comment was me, Marlo.

I'm on Emily's computer... sorry if that showed up as her.?

But that was me, Marlo. I meant every word.

Aaronphilby said...

your goofy

justfrancesca said...

I like this one of Nate!