Thursday, February 1, 2007

Three Drawings that Didn't Take Five Minutes Which I Did Not Do in the Park, and Maybe Took a Few Hours Except the Last One

Video game creator, Brian Morante
Guy that works in the park and is nice...and...happy. His name is Cecil. This took a half hour or so.


Brian Vasilik said...

Great faces!

Jessy said...

Wow, these are pretty incredible. I love how you shade things. And that last one is Cecil! He's a (very happy) photographer.

Anyway, I figured out my username, it took me awhile. Here are the people I was talking about today: Audrey Kawasaki (wow I was way off), Christopher Wray-McCann, and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

See you later. :)

Joe Bluhm said...

Aaron Philby--- HOLY CRAP.

I am in awe. Keep drawing, keep drawing keep drawing keep drawing and never compromise.

I'm serious-- don't stop bro... you're THE best.

jert said...

fucking wow

SAM GORRIE said...

Yeah, Joe said it, and I've been saying it since the con. you're blowing minds aaron, keep it up. im excited for you.

jeff said...

wow aaron
joe just called u the best.
let me repeat that
just called
aaron philby i was in a bad mood untill
i looked at your site.
thnx for that.

mez said...
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caricaturas said...

Serious stuff dude! Freaky inspirationalicacious!

G R I G O R said...

just as my eye balls were to hit the floor - I realized that they werent done of the
guests... COME ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let them have it!!!! SUPERSAYANAARONFRESH LEVEL 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!! feed it to them and just as they puke because of all your superduperdopness kick it down their throats -

KeelanParham said...

LOVE the top guy, "the immigrant". Great stuff, Aaron.

Steph B. said...

Ha, that one of Brian is an AWESOME likeness.