Monday, January 1, 2007

Busy Times

demo sold, drawn fast
drawn of coworker, Mez, from memory
wierd, I drew her very tame but was happy with the likeness
demo not sold, wish I would have gotten that great look you see in the photo of him here. It would've been totally easy too.

drawn fairly fast. I don't like it that much, but it's nice and cartoony. I took a picture because I felt like it would solidify the frame sale. Indeed they did buy a frame. They came back later and I had to draw their cat in there too. Cat people!


198161912 said...

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jeff said...

YESSS!!! i love it
these are awesome
i like mez alot
and the kid with braces
great stuff

and yeah i saw what u were talking about with that sktetch that i did of clooney. i was thinking the same thing when i finished it.
not a bad thing i hope

Jonathan said...

I really like the top one in particular; great!