Sunday, December 10, 2006

Skitches and funny stuff I write underneath

This is Manny. He likes to jack up faces so I made his nostrils too big.

Upper lip amazingly too dark
This was a demo. I got a comment I never got before, and as usual, the most rude comments imaginable are always accompanied by laughter. His wife said, "You need to keep practicing." (hyuck hyuck hyuck)

This kid said, "draw me with a head cold." Not really.


chris chUa! said...

I love that baseball kid one. love that line coming at the view. lots of other sweet ones too.

crit- sometimes your backgrounds don't seem as design sound, like the 1st one, not sure that shape seems as pleasing design wise, kinda feels more randomly planned, but in a negative sense, could be me though.

Joe said...

More Double-Chin,
Awesome baseball body,
good demo likeness,
nice headcold,
keep practicing.